Phrases (65)
a closed mind like a closed book is no more than a block of paper
a family is like a forest, impenetrable from afar, but within, each tree has its place
a good aunt is like a second mother
a little wisdom is like water in a glass, clear, pure and transparent; great wisdom is like the sea dark, hidden and unfathomable
a logical thinker is like a knife with no handle, it draws blood from the hand of its user
a rash man is like an anchorless ship
an attractive hair-brained woman is like a golden staple in a sow’s nose
and the like
be off like a shot
better to bend like a reed than snap like a tree
drive like leaves
fight like cat and dog
going like hot cakes
if things aren't as you like them, like them as they are
it follows me because it's just like me
knowledge is like a garden unless tended it will not bear fruit
life flows like a river to the sea
life is not like crossing a field - it’s crossing a sandy beach
like a cat on a hot tin roof
like a headless chicken
like a knife through butter
like a lion on its prey
like a pig in muck
like a rash
like a red rag to a bull
like a ship out of water
like a shot
like a swarm of locusts
like a watch
like a wet weekend
like clockwork
like hot cakes
like it or not
like mad
like mother/father, like daughter/son
like that
like the sun that sets or the candle's wax
like this
like toast
like water
like water off a duck’s back
memory like a sieve
money is like manure and should be spread to help young things to grow
rumour grows like a ball of snow
say what you like but you won't like what you hear
shining like the dog’s bollocks
swallow water like an ox, sip wine like a king
the flame of time burns like a wax candle
the like
there's no fool like an old fool
there's no paradise like a fool's paradise
there’s no place like home
to eat like a horse
to go like a bomb
to shake like a leaf

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