About the Authors

D. Geraint Lewis

Originally from Ynys-y-bwl, Geraint Lewis was educated in Pontypridd Boys Grammar School and University College Aberystwyth. He is a prolific lexicographer, and author of many extremely useful Welsh language books such as Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer, Geiriadur Gomer i'r Ifanc (winner of the Tir Na N'og award for the best children's book of the year (except fiction), Geiriadur Cynradd Gomer, Y Llyfr Berfau, Pa Arddodiad?, Y Treigladur, and Geiriau Lletchwith. The definitive collection of Welsh folk songs, Cân Di Bennill, is the fruit of his musical interests.

Nudd Lewis

Following his period at Penweddig Comprehensive School, Aberystwyth, Nudd Lewis was a Management Science student at Swansea University. He joined the Welsh Language Board as a finance and information technology officer, and attended cynghanedd classes, taking part in a few Talwrn y Beirdd contests. Since leaving the Welsh Language Board, he has followed a career in the field of software development, reaching the position of senior project manager for the development of insurance and pension software, before establishing Gwerin - which develops bilingual software for business and education. He has written dwy dictionaries with his father, D. Geraint Lewis - Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer and Reading Welsh: An Essential Companion. He enjoys experimenting with technology and with utilising technology to make the specialities of the Welsh language more accessible.


This resource is based on the following bibliography.

Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer

D. Geraint Lewis, Nudd Lewis
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A contemporary and essential dictionary for Welsh speakers and learners alike containing over 45,000 Welsh definitions, 38,000 English words and 12,000 technical terms.

Reading Welsh - An Essential Companion

D. Geraint Lewis, Nudd Lewis
Gomer, 2014

A comprehensive companion-dictionary of common Welsh words and their various forms (mutated, feminine and plural) arranged especially for Welsh learners and non-Welsh speakers.

D.I.Y. Welsh - Sut i Adeiladu Brawddegau Cymraeg Gam wrth Gam

D. Geraint Lewis
Gomer, 2018

A step-by-step guide to building your own Welsh sentences, with exercises and glossary.

Ar Flaen fy Nhafod - Casgliad o Ymadroddion Cymraeg

D. Geraint Lewis
Gomer, 2012

A valuable volume by a word-guru, being a collection of a variety of entertaining Welsh idioms, words and sayings.

Y Llyfr Ansoddeiriau - A Check-List of Welsh Adjectives

D. Geraint Lewis
Gomer, 2005

An useful volume introducing the different forms of the Welsh adjective; for all users of the Welsh language.

Pa Arddodiad? - A Check-list of Verbal Prepositions

D. Geraint Lewis
Gomer, 2000

A highly interesting booklet comprising a comprehensive and useful list of Welsh prepositions which often cause writers difficulty.

Y Geiriau Lletchwith - A Check-List of Irregular Word Forms and Spelling

D. Geraint Lewis
Gomer, 1997

A comprehensive and useful list of irregular and awkward words in Welsh, being nouns and adjectives, verbs and adverbs which often cause writers hesitation relating to spelling, accents and hyphens.

Y Llyfr Berfau - A Check-List of Welsh Verbs

D. Geraint Lewis
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A bilingual volume containing the full conjugations of over one thousand Welsh verbs which will be an asset to the Welsh speaker and learner alike.

Y Treigladur - A Check-List of Welsh Mutations

D. Geraint Lewis
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An alphabetical list of Welsh words that cause a mutation, and a summary of the main rules of mutation, together with an explanation of the grammatical terms used