Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer is Published

Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer

This special dictionary was in the process of being written for almost 20 years when Mr John Lewis asked D.Geraint Lewis to undertake creating a new Welsh dictionary. Since then, the process of collating words has been a long and very interesting one. The Welsh Assembly Government and the WJEC helped fund the project and have been a part of the process of collecting and refining the words and their meanings. A large number of subject matter experts were called upon as well as teams of external readers and proof-readers in order to complete the work. And here it is!

Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer contains over 43,000 definitions and thousands upon thousands of words. This is the largest volume ever created by Gomer Press during its long 124 year history.

Jonathan Lewis, Managing Director of Gomer Press said: "We are extremely pleased to publish this new contemporary dictionary of over 1,300 pages. Geraint and his son, Nudd, have completed an heroic task... This volume will be a valuable asset to all users and learners of Welsh for many years to come, and is a crucial milestone for the language."

Geiriadur Cymraeg Gomer by D. Geraint Lewis and Nudd Lewis was launched on 24/03/16 in the Gomer Press publishing house, Llandysul.