in Welsh is:
1 honno2 adjective, hwnnw2 adjective, ’na2 adjective, yna3 adjective
2 mai1 conjunction
4 a3 pronoun, hwnna pronoun, hynny1 pronoun, ‘ny1 pronoun, y4 pronoun
Phrases (85)
a freedom that doesn’t accept mistakes is not freedom
a friend that sticketh closer than a brother
a full ear of corn bows its head its the empty one that stands proud
a wizard’s magic circle a distant mirage that surrounds us
all that
all that glisters is not gold
an eternal truth, hate cannot defeat hate only love can do that
and all that
and then you see that smiles don't always tell the truth
anger is an acid that does more harm to its container than anything it is poured over
as carefree as a bird that neither sows nor reaps
as far as that
at that
at that moment
at that very moment
beauty is no more than that which you love
better the reed that bends than the one that snaps
blessed is a world that sings
by that time
conscience is the home of all that's good
don’t bite the hand that feeds
don't do to others that which you wouldn't want them to do to you
for all that
for all your craft, do you have a single verse that's completely true?
for that matter
for that reason
from that time on
God, perfect poet and author of all that's beautiful
Happiness is simple, it's simplicity that's difficult
how trite the words that cause offence
I was angry that I had no shoes and then I met a man who had no feet
it's a wise man that stays in the shadows
it's better to have a dog that barks than one that bites
it's inevitably something small and prickly that lies at the root of contention
it's not his collar that makes a minister
it's not the knowing that's hard, it's the doing
it's not work that kills but anxiety
it's the chaff that comes to the surface (not the grain)
it's the early bird that catches the worm but the second mouse that get's the cheese
it's the empty nut that has the hardest shell
it's the fly from the dung-heap that flies highest
it's the hand that gives that receives
it's the tailor's backside that's out through his trousers
its his work that praises the craftsman
its not the one that shouts the loudest that does the best
its secret is it reveals nothing that lies behind what you see
its the weak hearted that lose heart
like that
like the sun that sets or the candle's wax
no tree has roots that run deeper than prejudice
powers that be
prove all things, hold fast that which is good
provided that
save that
so that
straw that broke the camel's back
summer dies and resurrects and I'm all the better for that
that (one)
, honno1
, hwnna
, hwnnw1
that ... not
that is
that it (is)
that it is
that it was
that one
that one there
that way
that’s a good boy
that’s an end to it
that’s enough
that’s the way it is
the best one is always the one that got away
the day that the power of love surpasses the love of power is the day that peace will descend on the world
the most beautiful land is that of one's childhood
the thread that's stretched too far is the one that snaps
there's only so much that one can take
this and that
to have no doubt that
trials are the rungs of a ladder that reaches to heaven
up to that point
woe be he who blames others for faults that are his own

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