New! Welsh Place-names

Gweiadur has worked with the office of the Welsh Language Commissioner to create a searchable on-line version of the Standardised list of Welsh Place-names.

The resource is available here:

The list includes almost 3.5 thousand standardised place-names in Welsh and English as well as the type of location, the name of the local authority, the grid reference and a link to the map location on the Ordnance Survey website.

The list was available on the Welsh Language Commissioner's website until it suffered a cyber attack in December 2020. Since then, the data has been hosted temporarily in the form of a spreadsheet on the Welsh Government website, along with the associated document, "Guidelines for Standardising Plane-names in Wales".

But now, the information is available in a searchable format once more as part of Gweiadur, along with the ability to search using partial names and mutated forms, mis-spellings and similar non-standard forms. The resource also offers access to external resources - to show the location in OpenStreetMap, or in the National Library of Wales's Tithe Maps, as well as jumping to the Wikipedia record.

With thanks to the Welsh Language Commissioner for allowing use of the data.