2021 Update

What’s new in Gweiadur?

Gweiadur now contains about 50,000 definitions and phrases, and can identify 500,000 Welsh words including mutated, verbal, adjectival and prepositional forms as well as common misspellings. It can suggest words with similar spellings, and offers a Portal to a range of on-line resources where more information, or lesser used words can be sought.

Enhancements to the contents of the Dictionary:

  • Updates and corrections to the records;
  • Names of people and countries added;
  • Subject area labels for technical terms and register labels to show usage context; 


  • A new Welsh-Welsh Thesaurus;
  • A large number of additional words added to the Welsh-English and English-Welsh records;
  • The entirety brought together in a new resource separate from the Dictionary; 
In the Thesaurus, it is possible to show the records in the form of an alphabetical list of suggestions, or as a similarity cloud – which shows how similar in meaning the suggestions are to the key word.

A comprehensive Verb Conjugator:

  • Inflected and periphrastic forms for every verb in the Dictionary;
  • The full range of verb tenses expressed;
  • English example translations for every verb; 
As well as showing the inflected forms of every verb within the dictionary record, a new resource has been created – the Verb Conjugator – which expands further on the forms and expression of every verb.

Learning Mode:

  • Headings coloured according to their part of speech, in order to assist with learning and using words in a sentence – especially with noun gender;
  • Mutated forms listed in full, including exceptions to the normal rules;
  • Usage of nouns shown in the context of personal pronouns and counting to ten – in order to demonstrate the mutations and the rules of mutation at work; 
Learning Mode offers different information depending on the properties of the word shown. It can be switched on and off as required, e.g. in order to test yourself.

We hope you benefit from using Gweiadur in its updated form, and of course, if you spot anything that needs correcting, or if you have an idea for an enhancement, we would be very happy to hear from you.